Multi Bag Filter Housing

Material Construction
Filter media: PP
Support/diversion: PP
Plastic skeleton: PP
Seal coil: see the cartridge list

Sealing: Silicone, Vition, EPDM, Buna , PTFE

Key Specifications
Pore Size : 0.1 to 75 micron
Effective filter area: 0.4~2.0 m2 /10″
Cartridge length : 2.5″ inches to 70 inches

Operating Conditions
Maximum working temperature: 80°C
Sterilization temperature: 121°C; 30 minutes
Maximum positive pressure difference: 0.42 MPa, 25°C
Maximum negative pressure difference: 0.28 MPa, 60°C
Thermal disinfection: 75~85°C, 30 minutes

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